Simple Cloud Communication

Vignets take away all the trouble and technical knowledge required to do everything digital in advertising, marketing, e-learning and all forms of such communication. It’s the Power of Digital for You.

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Doing Digital is Now Easy

Now you can easily and quickly build ‘Digital Stuff’ and integrate with ‘Traditional Media’ to dramatically ‘Amplify Your Campaigns’ for better response. Maximise results with Fusion Marketing.

What You Can Do With Vignets

Easily Build Everything Digital

Digitize your communication needs from advertising and product demos to even e-learning and many such innovative digital requirements can be easily done with Vignets.

Create Once. Publish to All

Create digital communication that easily works across all devices. Go beyond responsive design and create device-centric experiences for both mobile and wide screens.

Go Beyond Banners and Landing Pages in Digital Advertising

Create digital advertising that maximizes audience experience and engagement to dramatically increase response for your campaigns.

Do Fusion Marketing with Digital and Traditional Media

Integrating digital, traditional and social media has never been easy. Amplify your campaigns.

Measure Response.
Manage Campaigns.

Analysing campaigns is made easy with built in analytics. Based on analytics and response changing communication on-the-fly is even more easier.

Create Your Custom Apps

Integrate your dynamic digital stuff to your existing apps or even easily deploy your custom apps. Technology knowledge no more required.

What Your Audience Can Do With Your Communication

Access from digital and traditional media touch points. Download your stuff. Respond to you. Share your stuff via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email etc.